First Edition - 8th December 2003

This 112-page booklet follows a format which, in the main, is similar to the popular and most useful “Pilgrim’s Guide to Maria Valtorta’s The Poem of the Man-God”. It’s focus, however, is on five of the remaining six “essential” books of Maria’s writings*:


Maria’s Autobiography;

Maria’s 1943, 1944 and 1945-50 Notebooks, and

The Book of Azariah (Maria’s Guardian Angel).


* The remaining book - dictations from the Holy Spirit on St. Paul to the Romans - has yet to be translated into English, and God willing, its details will be included in a later edition of this “Reader’s Guide…”

The READER’S GUIDE… consists of three sections:

Section One:  Thematic Index. With some 500 themes and sub-themes.

Section Two:  Scriptural Cross-referencing has three parts. Part 1 relates often-repeated passages from these five books - to particular verses in both the Old and New Testaments. Part 2 cross-references approximately 3,000 passages from the books to Scripture. Part 3 reverses this process, cross-referencing these passages from the Old and New Testaments back to the five books.

Section Three:  Significant Extracts from the Books is a 38-page compilation of brief but important extracts from the five books, with timeless teachings which are nonetheless very appropriate to the times in which we are now living - arranged under 10 sub-headings:

 1.  Maria’s Journey to Holiness

 2.  The Holy Trinity

 3.  Jesus and Mary

 4.  Three Apostles (Peter, Paul and Judas)

 5.  Scripture and Maria’s Writings

 6.  The Poem and its Content

 7.  Concepts, Gifts, & Obligations

 8.  Obstacles, Tests, and Crosses

 9.  The Horror and Hope of the Last Times          

10.  Lessons for Us All



I was near the end of Volume 5 of The Poem, and wondered what on earth I was going to do when it finished - as I was not aware of all the other material. And then… Voila!

Kew Vic., Australia


Sincere thanks for the wonderful Index. It is so comprehensive and very necessary for me when I have to teach a special Sunday School subject.

Calgary AB, Canada.


Thank you for the latest "Reader's Guide…" Another great labour of love that will be a boon to any preacher seeking homiletic material! God bless this apostolate!

Trappist KY, USA



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